I started riding horses back in 1996 but riding isn't my career. I got into riding so I could learn more about caring for the horses.  

In 2011 I finally got to own a horse, Dusty. I worked my butt off to be able to afford him and he taught me a good deal.   I sold him in 2012 when I thought about moving out to CA and due to his age, didn't want to put him through the stress of moving across the country.  I sold him to a mother and a gal that still own him and he is happily retired.

I stayed in NJ after selling Dusty and then worked at a boarding facility for the following 5 years.  

Fall 2017- Spring 2018 I lived in a 7x11 "Tiny House" on wheels with my cat and dog on the horse farm. I had an "outhouse" and no kitchen.  I was considered family and invited into the home for showers and some wonderful meals a s few times a week. 

Summer 2018 I finally made the move to the west coast. I brought my cat and dog along on the 2,929 mile drive across the country along with just a truck-bed full of items. 


Since 2007 I have been the sole caretaker for our equine 4-legged friends. Hearing the horses nicker and greet me is the best thing in the world.   

I'm there through thick and thin; snow, sleet, heat, rain, hurricanes, floods, and below zero temps.

I'm the girl that will drop everything and run to the barn when needed 24/7.

I have multiple references available upon request from clients and employers.


My most recent experience 2012-2018

I worked at a wonderful boarding barn in NJ caring for 20 horses.

I fed, turned out/in, provided clean fresh water, meticulously cleaned stalls, administered basic first aid and medications, called the vet if needed, and fixed things when I was certain I could fix it alone ( if not, I informed the boss and assisted in fixing). 

I also loved on all the horses and they knew me as The Magic Bucket Lady. <3  This barn was family and was also home for a long while until I made the official decision to move out west.  

Thank you 

AJ Stables in Hewitt, NJ 

and the DeFrancos